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Think of Thailand and the image that immediately comes to your mind is that of breathtakingly beautiful beaches, lush green jungles with exotic wildlife, majestic temples, a vibrant nightlife, delicious cuisine, elephant rides, colorful night markets, pulsating cities and a rich traditions and rituals serving as a reminder of the country’s glorious past. Thailand is all that, and a lot more. It is therefore only fair that your tour to this heavenly country that offers a seamless blend of tradition and modern should be as exceptional as the country itself.

At Kiss Travels, we ensure that your trip to Phuk`et, Khao Lak & Koh Samui is filled with memorable experiences. We are Thailand’s leading travel specialists with an illustrious record of offering impeccable services to our discerning clients from the world over.

The passion, dedication and knowledge of our staff and the meticulous attention we pay to even the minutest of details makes us the most qualified travel agents to make your dream trip happen. We only offer mid-level to ultra-luxury travel and what separates us from the pack is our determination never to never compromise on our level of service. Great care, great accommodation, expert guides and excellent villa rental and transportation service is bound to delight, thrill and amaze you at every step of your exploration.

Irrespective of whether you need your private driver, your own personal yacht or a luxury helicopter tour, we can arrange it for without the slightest of fuss. After all, we are here to give you a luxurious, stress-free experience and we ensure that with great accommodations, luxurious drives and knowledgeable travel guides.

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